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Dynamic Duo™ Anti Viral
As April, 2009, ends, America is facing a huge worldwide Swine Flu scare. . . a repeat of a similar National scare back in 1976. Back then the flu came and the flu went. . . 1 person died of what then was called Swine Flu. But 25 people died from taking the Swine Flu shots! The program was quietly shut down by the government.

National news now warns that a worldwide Swine Flu epidemic is imminent. Just today, on April 29, the World Health Organization raised the Swine Flu panic level to Phase 5. . .Pandemic! What next? Mandatory flu shots?

Nobody wants to contract Swine Flu, so what can you and I do to protect ourselves? First, don't believe the politicians. They always lie. Don't believe the government spokespeople and their scare scripts read on national television. These too are usually lies. Still, it is prudent to protect yourself against getting the flu personally. Without exposing yourself to any form of the actual virus from shots, there are alternatives. . . potent anti viral herbs. We offer our Dynamic Duo of Oil of Oregano and Genuine Red Grape Skin Extract Resveratrol (30% Polyphenols), both with proven anti viral qualities.

First, why Oil of Oregano? This potent herbal oil contains a high level of anti viral carvacrol. A quick survey of medical research verifies this herbal oil is a potent broad based anti viral. One study showed that a 1% solution of OOO reduced the human flu virus 99.9% in 20 minutes. . . from 10,000,000 to 5,000 infectious units per ml. Not only that, it also killed a broad range of bacteria, fungi, candida and parasitic agents as well! One user states: "[Oil of Oregano is] the best respiratory infection formula I have ever worked with." 4Spectrum? wildcrafted Oil of Oregano from Turkey boosts immunity, and kills viruses, bacteria, candida and fungus on contact. Once the potent Oil of Oregano comes in contact with a virus, it's like taking a blow torch to an ant hill! No more virus.

Second, why Resveratrol? It was reported in Journal of Infectious Diseases that "Resveratrol, a chemical found in grapes and other fruits, inhibits the reproduction of influenza viruses in cell culture and mice." Red Grape Skin Resveratrol 30% Polyphenol inhibits viral repruduction. Coupled with Oil of Oregano, you get the benefits of inhibiting viral reproduction and killing existing viruses on contact.