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Gourmet Deep Sea Salt 3.5 lbs
Deep Sea Salt™ genuine Full Spectrum Balanced Gourmet salt is loaded with 78-84 health building and balancing elements, with approximately 20% non sodium chloride content. This is distinguished by the French government as fluer de sel. Now in fine grind only.

It is derived from the ultra pure cold North Sea ocean waters from the Celtic shores of Northern France. This water originates from deep ocean currents which have not seen the light of day for thousands of years, not subject to surface pollution. The water is captured at high tide in salt ponds and held there over the spring and summer where wind and sun evaporate the water and intensify the brine solution. Soon the Deep Sea Salt™ crystals appear and float to the surface!

4Spectrum™ Ultimate Gourmet Deep Sea Salt&™ is harvested by traditional hand methods that have remained mostly unchanged for over some 800 years! Once the Deep Sea Salt™ crystals are fully developed, the "salt farmers" harvest these health building crystalline nuggets with nets similar to those used to remove floating leaves from swimming pools. The Deep Sea Salt™ crystals are then drained and further dried in the sun, before packaging. Other than grinding fine, no artificial heat or other processing is required or used.

An optional ceramic salt mill (available on this website) may be used since metal mills will soon corrode away. Ultimate Gourmet Deep Sea Salt™ is much more complete than regular sea salt, which contains only about 6 elements or less.

Contains no binders, fillers, or added colors, flavors, or preservatives.

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