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Radiation Rescue + 180 g x 4
$24-Off Vitamin E Special

***Radiation Rescue+™ removes metal object embedded under skin for 40 years. Just last year a customer from Michigan called to report an incredible story. 40 years ago he went to a doctor to remove something stuck deep inside his finger. The doctor probed and punched and looked, but could not remove the object. The customer was told, don't worry about it. Your body will encapsulate it and it can remain there safely. Over time, when this man would bump the spot accidentally, the skin would puff up and get sore, then later return almost to normal. Recently he began taking Radiation Rescue+™ 1 teaspoon daily. After three weeks he noticed a reddened pimple like spot rise where the object was imbedded. Soon the object poked it's way through the skin, and out popped a pin head sized metal object, all entwined with body tissue. Now, this man is free of the foreign metal object and all the discomfort it had caused for decades, simply by taking Radiation Rescue+™ -- what an wonderful story.***

Radiation Rescue +

Honestly, I sell Radiation Rescue+™ for removal of toxins in the gut, the blood and at cellular level, not for removal of chunks of imbedded metal. How Radiation Rescue+™ managed to cause my customer's body to reject the embedded metal object I do not know. But you can be assured that the ingredients found in this formula offer a powerful solution to internal toxins of all types, and not just to radioactive particles. It is true that on July 10, 2011 in Miyagi Japan, another major 7.3 earthquake hit, and aftershocks continue to present. Should you and I be concerned about present pollution coming from Fukushima? I believe so, due to ongoing radiation release from the "precariously stable" nuclear power plants there. According to Arnold Gunderson, nuclear researcher and expert, the plants are experiencing leaking pipes, in numerous systems, due to freezing. But even if you live where you think there is no danger from radioactive particle fallout, think again. I personally measured radiation 4 times normal from rainwater recently in Texas. For this reason, I recommend that you detox your body of unwanted radiation and other chemical poisons by taking this powerful detox supplement. Remember, low level toxic radiative particles all around us are still a reality we should consider on a daily basis. Taking one teaspoon of Radiation Rescue+™ formula is like putting thousands of tiny vacuum cleaners to work in your body, sucking and drawing out toxins. Radiation Rescue+™ can also be likened to thousands of negatively charged particles (magnets) which naturally attract the positively charged toxins, whether radioactive, chemical, or other. Radiation Rescue+™ forms the negative (-) ends of the magnets, and toxins form the positive (+) ends of the magnets. Toxins are attracted and bound together with the Radiation Rescue+™ ingredients, neutralized and flushed out of the body through natural elimination.

We were assured by our government back in March and April, 2011, after the first earthquake and massive Fukushima nuclear power plant near melt down, that there is nothing to worry about. We were told that radiation particles scattered by water and wind across the Pacific and North America were not to be worried about because radiation levels were so low as not to be detected.

Not so according to other private experts who warn of the "Petkau Effect." Breathing extremely low levels of radioactive particles, so low as not to be measurable by a Geiger Counter, poses real dangers to health. Do an internet search on "Petkau Effect" and you will discover that extremely small amounts of radioactive particles breathed in or consumed from water and food can be up to 1000 times more dangerous than previously thought. These scientists warn that every single particle taken into our bodies works like a hot knife slicing through butter, thus continuously firing and slicing through our cell walls. And sadly, from food, air and water, we can easily ingest thousands of these radioactive particles, which have life spans often into thousands of years.

Ok, what can we do to protect ourselves? How can we remove the offending radioactive particles and other chemical toxins and flush them out of our bodies? It is a good question. During the 25 years after the infamous Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine, scientists learned a lot. In short, Russian scientists found that hospitalized survivors who were given certain seaweed extracts and chlorella lived, whereas those not given these detoxification supplements died. Radiation Rescue+™ contains these very supplements plus 9 more. Here is the ingredients list:

Special • BioFilam® 40:1 Brown Seaweed Extract absorbs radiation and feeds the thyroid with potent food based iodine • Premium Chlorella powder adsorbs and neutralizes most radioactive heavy metals, providing potent chlorophyll for cleansing the blood • Bone Meal protects bones against radioactive Strontium-90 • Kelp powder extract protects tissues against radioactive iodide and other radioactive metals • Pectin from fruits protects against Cesium-137 • Zeolites powder absorb and adsorb an array of radioactive materials, helping the body to eliminate the toxins from the gut • Zeolites micronized absorb and adsorb an array of radioactive materials, helping the body to eliminate the toxins from the blood and cells • Bentonite Clay binds and absorbs radioactive substances • Activated Charcoal absorbs and removes many poisons including radioactive particles • Fossil Shell Powder (diatomaceous earth) kills parasites and neutralizes radiation and toxins • Boron helps detox the body of radiation.

These eleven whole food supplements and detox agents build the body's immune system and prepare us to deal with the onslaught of radioactivity and environmental toxicity all around us. Food based Iodine from kelp and seaweed extract for the thyroid is one major key. By loading up with natural food based iodine prior to a disaster, the thyroid gland is protected. The same thing is true for every cell of our bodies. There are specific substances that protect specific tissues. Radiation Rescue+™ contains an all star lineup of detox agents designed to protect our health.

Radiation Rescue + 12Pack

Get your order in early to assure availability. I personally take Radiation Rescue+™ daily and feel much better for doing so.

Order online or call 800-581-8906. Order without delay. Get Radiation Rescue+™ now before you need it. If possible, get a year's supply. Get the toxins out and build your immune system in advance of a radiation crisis. Protect your thyroid naturally. Further, even if you never experience another radiation threat like Chernobyl or Fukushima, your body will benefit greatly from eliminating environmental chemicals and poisons. Get ready. Get Radiation Rescue+™ now.

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