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UpSurge!+ 2Pack 1/2 Month Complete Nutrition
Oil of Oregano

There are reasons why I arise every morning and hit the day with purpose and vigor. . . positive attitude, good genes and the nutrition choices I make. I feel great every day. Really. Of course I believe God smiles on me a lot, way more than I deserve. But most of the vibrant health I enjoy is because I give my body and mind good building blocks. Simple as that. I am blessed with abundant health by the grace of God and because of the choices I make. And I would say it is most likely true for you as well.

There have been former times when frankly I was miserable. I remember the toxic colon I restored to health back around 1990, using our Bowel Buster™, without recurrence of the problems of indigestion and constipation that plagued me daily. I remember the upper respiratory infection 4 years ago which was healed using my Wild Turkish Oil of Oregano that cured my cough and the infection causing it. The food I eat is mostly organic, a third not, which is of course not perfect. I am active but could use more exercise definitely. Even so, I STILL feel great every day when I rise up. What is my secret? Read on and I will tell you. And if you choose to use this most powerful health discovery of my life to rebuild your own health, I promise it will not break the bank. You don't have to have a million dollars to feel like a million dollars, I promise.


Recently I discovered a whole food supplement so powerful I was charged with excitement. It has about everything nutritionally I have looked for most all my adult life. It contains no synthetic ingredients whatsoever, no crude oil derivatives so common, from which nearly all isolated vitamins are made. This has nothing but live whole food. This may be the nutrient elixir discovery of the century. I have been taking most of the ingredients individually for many years. Now I combined these and began taking it with wonderful results. I have now combined these powerful food based nutrients together, and offer them at a price that will not break the bank.

I call this new product UpSurge!+. It contains over 160 individual nutrients and then some. I take 2 teaspoons twice daily in 3 oz water. Then I add another 5 oz water to wash it down. My wife tells me it gives her energy and takes away food cravings. My personal assistant takes it with astounding results. All our energy levels have ratcheted up to the next level. Mental alertness has improved, and I think I am remembering better at age 68. UpSurge!+ takes food based nutrition to the third power. And that is no exaggeration.

What is the concept behind UpSurge!+ and how does it work? Let me explain.

We all know that raw seeds of plants when eaten tend to produce health. Seeds are where the plant stores all that energy from the sun coupled with nutrients from the soil, in a way that will reproduce the plant, over and over. Let's take that concept one step further back. Seeds are produced from flowers. And it's in the flower where reproduction takes place through pollination. Would it stand to reason then that within that flower pollen we would find all the nutrients of life and health in the greatest concentration? And what if you could hire an army of pollen collectors. . . it takes millions. . .to scoop it up and bring it back to you in concentrated form, the very essence of millions of flowers growing in the wild? Yes, I am speaking about wild crafted flower pollen, and the tireless army of collectors are honey bees. In the same way that bees too eat this pollen or bee bread from the flowers and reproduce healthy populations of bees, it was discovered long ago that this bee bread may be the most complete food on planet earth for people also. And there's more.

Each serving gives you a whopping line up of the following food based nutrients: 10.7g wildcrafted bee pollen containing 25 minerals, 59 trace minerals, 18 vitamins, 22 amino acids, 11 enzymees and co-enzymes, 14 fatty acids, and 11 carbohydrates; to this add 535mg of real grape skin extract (30% polyphenols) with resveratrol to fight inflamation, 535mg Premium Chlorella Powder for powered up nutrition, blood cleansing and energy, 2140mg non-gmo xylitol natural sweetener and 1070mg organic pomegranate juice powder for even more nutrients and antioxidants, and you have 1 serving 15 grams of UpSurge!+. Stir in water. Drink it down. Sprinkle on cereal and eat. Add to yogurt. Feel the upsurge of energy. Feel the power. Rebuild your health, one day at a time. In 30 days you will feel like a new person. Promise.

UpSurge!+ Benefits UpSurge!+ Supplement Facts

I had to know if others besides myself and my wife would also feel the benefits of taking UpSurge!+. So I gave some to a lady friend of our family who is overweight, smokes a pack a day, eats junk food, drinks diet cola, stresses out a lot, and has experienced daily diarrhea for the past year. With some reluctance, she agreed be my guinea pig. She took the bold leap and began taking UpSurge!+. Just 2 weeks later she reports the following results:

•"My cigarettes don't taste good any more, and I'm smoking about a third as many."

•"I have a lot more energy and I feel better."

•" I have a more positive outlook."

•"I have way less diarrhea, I would say about 80% less."

•"I still have stress, but I seem to be handling it better."

She says she is still skeptical, but plans to continue. She calls UpSurge!+ her "yuck surge" diet. . . oh well, it's working for her, so what do I care what she calls it. Maybe I will change the name.

Health and abundant energy are not produced by just eating the 3 food groups and staying off junk food. News report warn that the average diet does not have all the essential nutrients our bodies need for optimal health. This is due to bad farming practices and depletion of our soils. If you eat 100% organic, you theoretically are not getting any pesticides, herbicides and other poisons in your diet. But you have no assurance you are getting all necessary nutrients, because organic soils too are often depleted of many trace elements. Wild crafted, meaning foods collected from open land that is not being farmed stands a better chance of having the entire spectrum of nutrients needed. I'm talking about putting into your body the whole array of building blocks necessary for energy and abundant health. Our bodies need vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, fatty acids, carbs and proteins. . . a total of about 160 individual nutrients in generous amounts. Where can we get these in one convenient source? UpSurge!+ contains them all and more, and in food form. I know of no other food or product that contains this many living food ingredients period.

UpSurge!+ 4Pack

Now you can get UpSurge!+ (call it "yuck surge" if you want to, even though it does not taste bad at all to me) at a big introductory discount. Buy a 4Pack (1 month's supply) of UpSurge!+ and enter "Up-Surge" in the coupon field to see your discount. Better still, buy a 12Pack (3 months supply) and enter "More-Up-Surge" in the coupon field to see your discount. You will not be disappointed, I promise. And for this special, you can stock up on everything store wide. The same deep discount will be applied at checkout, no limits for 3 days only.

As always, you get free shipping, free handling, no tax, and no hidden charges. [Firstname], you are receiving this offer because you have ordered our products before. I hope you will take advantage of this deep discount.

We all need to give our bodies the complete array of nutritional building blocks for good health. Nutrition is more than just 3 square meals daily, much of which can be empty calories. Get UpSurge!+ for complete nutrition and feel the difference. Drink it down. Feel the upsurge. Feel the energy. Be healthy. Live better.

This offer is good right now through midnight Tuesday, September 4. Hurry and save $Big . . . Go online or call 800-581-8906 without delay. You'll be glad you did.

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