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Alpha Lipoic Acid (75mg R-LA, 75mg R-DHLA) 60Caps
60 Capsules (High Absorption)

R+ Alpha-lipoic acid occurs naturally in every cell of the body and is essential to the chemical reactions that allow our bodies to produce energy. As a supplement, it is rapidly absorbed into the blood and the cells where it can prevent free-radical damage. It is vital for the creation of energy in every organ of the body, but as we age, there is not enough of it in sufficient quantities.

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) has been shown to be beneficial in humans and animals as a preventive and/or treatment for many age-related diseases. Heart disease, ischemia-reperfusion injury, diabetes, cataract formation, HIV activation, multiple sclerosis, neurodegeneration, radiation injury, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease, as well as declines in energy, muscle strength, brain function and immunity may respond to R-ALA. (1) (21)

ALA reverses the cellular redox status (from a more oxidized to a more reduced state) which prevents inflammation symptoms, associated with all of the chronic degenerative diseases of aging. In particular, ALA plays a crucial role in protecting the mitochondria, the energy-producing structures in cells and the genetic material, DNA. As we age, mitochondrial function is impaired, and it's theorized that this may be an important contributor to some of the adverse effects of aging.

Alpha-lipoic acid has been called the ideal antioxidant and is a key component in the antioxidant network. This compound acts as an antioxidant, however, only when there is an excess of it, and it is in the "free" state in the cells; but there is little free ALA circulating in our bodies, unless we take it as a supplement. Foods contain only tiny amounts of it.

What makes ALA special as an antioxidant is its versatility. It helps deactivate an unusually wide array of cell-damaging free radicals in many bodily systems. It has potent antioxidant actions in every cell of the body, protects membranes by boosting and recycling levels of other antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10 and glutathione), thus making them much more effective. It neutralizes free radicals in both the fatty and watery regions of cells, in contrast to vitamin C (which is water soluble) and vitamin E (which is fat soluble).

ALA is actually much more than an anti-oxidant, even though it is most well-known for this use.

ALA is prescribed in Germany to treat diabetic and alcoholic neuropathies and alcoholic liver disease, thought to result in part from free-radical damage. There is also evidence that it can help decrease insulin resistance; it speeds the removal of glucose from the bloodstream by enhancing insulin function, and thus helps control blood sugar, underlying many cases of coronary heart disease and obesity.

Does your lipoic acid supplement contain only the form found in nature? Or does it also include a synthetic by-product that may interfere with the natural form's beneficial effects?



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