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Bowel Buster™ 16oz and Fossil Shell Powder™ 9oz
Our Bowel Buster™ is a wonderful herbal remedy for colon support, for stimulating a sluggish bowel, for expelling retained toxic material, for cleansing, soothing and detox. It includes the following herbs:

Psyllium husk

Psyllium seed powder

Apple pectin

Senna leaf

Bentonite clay

Golden flax




Turkey rhubarb root

Senna pod

Slippery elm

Raw dandelion root

Cascara sagrada


Celery seed


Oregon grape root


Fossil Shell Powder™ (otherwise called Diatomaceous Earth or DE for short) is a natural product mined from deposits from ancient fresh water lakes. It is made from the skeletons of microscopic plants called diatoms. Fossil Shell Powder™ is a white powder that when ingested has many benefits. It is often used to cleanse the digestive system of unwanted organisms such as parasites. Fossil Shell Powderâ„¢ is not an insecticide and is not poison. The microscopic particles that make up the Fossil Shell Powder™ are are the skeletons of diatoms, one cell plants, which once lived in fresh water. Once the plants died, the skeletons fell to the bottom. Much later the lakes dried up, leaving deposits of diatomaceous earth.

There are many different deposits of similar material many places on earth. But not all Fossil Shell Powder™ has the same benefits. For example, the FDA regulates what can be called "food grade" Fossil Shell Powder™. This must be pure and have no clay or other impurities.

Our Fossil Shell Powder™ is feed and food grade and is safe for animal and human consumption. It can also be sprinkled on dog bedding and rubbed into their fur coats to repel fleas and help break the life cycle of pests.

In humans, the benefits are many including many of the same benefits found in animals.

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