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Pepper Spray for Self Defense 2oz Foam
The Ultimate in Personal Defense

2oz pepper Foam 2,000,000 SHU Hot! Hot! Hot!

Crime Halter? 15% Hot! Hot! Hot! Red Pepper Foam Spray

Range 14-16 feet

Fresh Product Exp 09/2011

Contains UV identifying dye

This pepper foam is brand new in the factory bubble package. The range is 14-16 feet. The heat level is 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units. You will feel and be safe when you carry this pepper foam.

What is Foam Pepper Foam?

Foam is excellent for blowback protection and extremely reduced area contamination, and immediate saturation. EXAMPLE: If it is windy, you can spray this with minimum to no pepper blowback contaminating you as found in a standard aerosol spray.

A common misconception is that the attacker, once sprayed with the foam, can just wiped it away and continue to attack. This Pepper Spray Foam is like thick, sticky saving cream but with one special feature not found in many types of foam. After contact on the assailant, the foam immediately starts to break down into a liquid gel form. Other foams retain the foam appearance for several minutes that could allow the assailant to remove and throw some of the product back at you. In addition, other "Police Magnum" foam brands test out at a meager 140k SHU.

When it comes to thwarting an attacker, you want enough heat to scorch a rhino's hide, enough heat to stop a rogue elephant, enough Scoville Heat Units (2,000,000) to make your attacker stop and writhe with pain while you get away to safety. Don't settle for "Police Strength" brands designed for "average" crowd control. Get the sticky Hot Hot Hot Crime Halter? foam with 2,000,000 Scovile Heat Units, enough to stop an attacker no matter how large.

Benefits of Foam:

Less fumes

Secure indoors

Sticks to assailant and instantly begins liquifying

Works instantly

Easy to use

Convenient to carry


Strong irritant

Contents under pressure

Keep out of reach of children

Use for defense purposes only. Sorry no shipments of pepper spray to New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Wisconsin or Texas

Send your attacker reeling back, with the message: "Don't mess with me! I am too hot to handle!" Why pay more for the very Hot Hot Hottest 2,000,000 SHU Pepper Spray defense available! Get yours now. You never know who will be lurking around the corner or behind a bush next time you are out for a jog or just walking to your car.